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By Egor, 13 years ago, translation, In English
Updated to 2.33 - Codeforces page format changed
Updated to 2.32 - some debug output was not removed
Updated to 2.31 - TopCoder task sometimes do not run if first arguments is a String. Do not consitently reproducable


Defect Task generation: CodeChef: Multiple samples not working
Defect TopCoder: main method not deleted even if unused
Enhancement Task Generation: E-Olimp support
Enhancement Task Generation: Timus support
Enhancement Tester: add option to trunkate long input/output and enable it by default
Enhancement Parser: remember selected contest/task site for current session

Input/output of more than 2000 characters are now truncated by default in tester - first 1500 and last 100 symbols are printed. You can turn this off in "Edit Configurations"
Formats of ids for new site would be added to manual
Download link, configuration format is intact
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the download link takes me to the chelper2.32 .Please update it..

And in version 2.32 sample test cases are not generated .Is that only with me?? the link in one of the other blogs.Its here.And now everthing is fine and smooth......