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Hello CodeForces Community!

I’d like to invite you to participate in CodeChef’s global onsite programming contest SnackDown 2016 Qualifier which starts tomorrow i.e at 9 PM 27th May. I took part in SnackDown 2015 and my team was one of the winners (Indian category) of the contest. You can read my complete experience from the contest on CodeChef’s blog. And as you already would have heard the timings of online elimination has been changed and the organizers are contemplating the idea of revoking the team restrictions in future. So, that leaves us with no reason to not take part in the contest. And after being to the onsite finale once, I would strongly suggest that you participate in the contest. Not only for the awesome experience at the finale, but also for the brilliant problems.

For the qualifiers, the problems have been set and tested by kevinsogo (Kevin Charles Atienza), Antoniuk (Vasya Antoniuk), CherryTree (Sergey Kulik) and the translations were written by huzecong (Hu Zecong),Antoniuk (Vasya Antoniuk), VNOI Team, CherryTree (Sergey Kulik), with PraveenDhinwa (Praveen Dhinwa) as contest admin. I hope you will enjoy solving the problems.


  • You can register in a team of two or can go solo into the contest. The Online Qualifier starts at 9 PM 27th May.

  • If you are yet to register, you can do so here:

  • The contest format requires you to participate in a team of 2 or you can go solo (and both the team members should be from same instititute/organization). Furthermore, this year, CodeChef will be inviting 52 team’s (top 25 global + top 25 Indian + all Girl team + Indian school team) for the onsite finals at Mumbai. Of these 52 teams, 32 teams (top 15 each Global & Indian + Girl + Indian school team) will get an all expense paid trip to India, while the remaining 20 teams will be provided with accommodation and local travel in India. However, if any of these 20 teams win the competition, their travel fare will be reimbursed as well. It’s a win-win situation.

Along with the cash prizes for Global Winners, there are special prizes for Best School Team, Best Girls team and Best Indian Team (the total cash prizes are worth $22,500).

  • The winning team shall win a whooping cash prize of $10,000.
  • Also, taking into consideration the previous discussions regarding the timing of online elimination round of the contest, the organizers have decided to reschedule the round.

The new timings for the SnackDown 2016 Elimination Round are:

In order to accommodate the new timings, they have also rescheduled the June Cook-Off 2016. And the new timings for the June Cook-Off are:

Date & Time: 26th June 2016, 21:30 Hrs IST to 00:00 Hrs IST

I hope you like the new timings and that will enjoy the contest till the very end. That will be all from my side for now. See you all at the contest.



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It's not a good decision that participants must be from the same institutions. Here, in my school no one has heard the name of CP so I am left all alone.

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    8 years ago, # ^ |
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    From what I understand, they are planning to remove that restriction; but it is too late to do that for this edition.

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    8 years ago, # ^ |
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    What is even the logic of that rule? I was eager to participate with a friend but upon seeing that rule we just gave it up. I'm fairly certain they are losing a great amount of potential competitors with this restriction.

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What part of body do people use when they invent such rules?

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The registration deadline was 30th May. But I cannot register my team now. Whenever I press the register team button, it redirects to homepage showing this message.

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    8 years ago, # ^ |
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    Yes, it's impossible to register right now because of technical problems.

    It's stated on contest announcement:


    Now I am sure it's because of this: