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Summer finally has come! So I want to tell about cool summer Internet Problem Solving Contest or IPSC. It's very interesting internet-contest. You can participate as a part of the team, or individually; there is also secondary school division on same problemset, but with separate results.

Usual problem are algorithmic output-only, but there are also some tricky challenging. As example, in previous contest there was problem where you had to take care about your dog — right answers decreased your penalty on 20 minutes, incorrect answer would cause death of your animal :-)

Today, June 1 at 08:00 UTC starts practice tour. It's recommended to everyone to participate in it, there are also interesting tricky (previous year) problems.

Contest starts at 10:00 UTC 2 June. GL & HF!

Our teams:

Individual: Scorpy (Scorpy), Gerald (Gerald), homo_sapiens(Edvard)

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DDTeam (tourist, Romka)

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The problem set window is not opening...Anyone else facing the same problem??