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I think I won't find any strength to describe the finishing day. I will only tell you that it was quite tiring - before the trial contest the guys had to wait for about an hour. Then there was a contest almost as long as the real one.

And now about the most important. The official site of the contest is http://icpc.baylor.edu/, and as for the traditional textual broadcast, you'll find it at Snarknews (In Russian)

You start rooting for us on February 5 at 5 o'clock (Moscow time)

Let's express our thoughts and emotions about the contest in the commentaries under this post. I'm not sure, if I'm going to have the Internet during the contest, but if I have such a chance, I'll write something.

UPD: I've nearly forgotten the most important. Today Bill Poucher announced sad news - the finals in Malaysia are postponed, and where they are next year is still kept secret. Rumors say in Cairo (Egypt).

UPD 2: At the informal tournament ICPC Challenge our team advanced to the finals and took the 4th prize. The Final competition is going to take place tomorrow at the closing ceremony.

UPD 3: I think you'll be able to see the results here. Thank you vici, plus for you!

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Live online!
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