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Please help this team from my college:

We are a 3 students from Egypt, our team competed in national contests of ACM (ECPC)And we qualified to the regional contest ACPC but our college doesn’t give us any financial support, the fees of the contest is 1500 USD, it’s too much but its mandatory and we can’t participate if we didn’t pay.We are unable to handle this amount of money (25000 EPG), so any help will be appreciated.

The national contest took a place on 4/11/2017 and our team got the 16 place out from 150 teams from all over Egypt and the regional contest will take a place on 24/11/2017 and it will contain all the Arab teams who took the first places in their countries.

So if you can help us to have a chance to compete in ACPC please donate.


You can donate here :

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The ACPC organizing committee should really stop adding such unnecessary financial burden on participating teams just to make them pay for services that they haven't asked for! We can still have a successful competition without fancy 5-stars hotels, quite expensive tours, etc. All such services should be made "optional" for whomever can afford them. It's really unfair to not being able to participate in a competition that you have worked for just because of the lack of financial support. I wish them the best in search for help.

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it would be if we spend these fund on the community to improve our internationally level instead of spend it on hotels :(

every year the financial problems really disappoint us.

hope u will find a sponsor/support.

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I hope the ACPC focus on making a good contest instead of making a good show.