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Hello Everyone,
I guess everyone who is preparing for OI already know about this Checklist for OI Problems prepared by ko_osaga. I've been using this for quite a long time, and it is really helpful!

But since the checklist gets updated from time to time, I found it hard to migrate from the previous checklist to new checklist. So, I made the following web app for the same purpose! Now you don't need to worry about migrating, I can just add the problems to database and it'll update automatically!

Link: OI Checklist

Please find the features and changes to the main checklist bellow:

Features and Changes

  1. First of all, now the checklist contains direct link to each problem, while the main checklist had link to some parent of the link. And clicking on a contest name will lead to the official "Task" page of that contest, which generally contains judge data, editorial etc. In case this is not available, a related page is linked.

  2. Each category has a progress bar above it, so you can easily see how much you've solved.

  3. Many of us want to keep our checklist secret. Don't worry, you're checklist is always secret. However, you can share a static link your checklist.

  4. You can see statistics of a problem by hovering over the cell. Currently the statistics include the number of perfect scorer in official contest, the the statistics that was given in IOI 2018, that is, the percentage of points that was scored at that problem during contest. So you can get used to this stats, as it backfired in IOI 2018 Day 2 for some contestants. :P

  5. Toggling state of a problem is easy, just click on the cell. It will change state from unsolved to solving to solved.

  6. Some problems that are added in but not available for public is marked in red. Since shows that output only tasks is under testing, you can keep track of them. And problems that are not available or POI problems that doesn't have translation yes are marked in black.

Hope you'll like it. What other features would you like to see?
(This is not well tested yet. If you find any bugs please let me know)

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Wish I could upvote more than once :(

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This is undeniably cool. Thank you very much!

Minor issue : CEOI Calvinball / Watering is not available in You can find it here.

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    Thank you. Updated those two problems. Also CEOI13 Splot seems to be available as well, added that too (don't know it if is judge-able there, as there are no AC submissions).