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I've been taking a long break from CP... in fact I never thought I'd return.

But, one day, something incredible happened.

I was talking to some people. Just, regular, normal conversation. And then, swept up by the moment, I decided to make a meme. After releasing a creative, witty meme that perfectly fitted the situation, I felt like something was wrong. While the others laughed, I only felt more empty.

Like I was missing something. Like my meme was missing something. I thought "would xellos approve of this meme?"

And then I felt a deep void, a deep rip in my heart, because I was missing something all along.

In a desperate effort to get rid of this feeling of loneliness, of absolute terror, I came up with another joke... but the joke involved bitset. The randoms in front of me would not understand it. They couldn't. They might never.

So I clawed my skin in agony, vaguely aware of the thing that was missing in my life. I was sweating buckets and grasping my abdomen in anticipation of the waves of anguish and adrenaline causing through my body.

Suddenly, I stood up, left the room. The randoms in front of me tried to stop me, to keep me in a prison of words. But I could no longer see them. They didn't exist. I told them, "you don't even exist!"

And then I ran to my bike, rode it through the streets. The bike broke so I got into a car and drove as far a I could. When the car hit a tree, I ran until my feet were bleeding and I finally arrived at my familiar abode.

Slamming the door, throwing off my bloodied shoes, and running into my room, I opened my computer.

And then, slowly, carefully, with utmost concern for the sanctity of the folding metal contraption emitting polarized light through the means of a liquid crystal display, I typed in the browser ""

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Well written.. Worth an applause...

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Why don't you try to become a writer. I am sure you will have a more successful career there

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Brad Yuan is my personal hero. Now that he is back, Codeforces may finally thrive again. Requesting upvotes! To the top!

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Brad Yuan is the height of culture, no, he is the definition of a cultured person. One of the last modern polymaths, he is truly a man who knows everything. He is an author. An author of not only some lowly competitive programming submissions, which have been dumbed down to satisfy the masses, but also an author of some of the finest unpublished manuscripts to date. Writing which touches both the brain and the soul, writing so spectacular that describing it with the most honorable and most favorable human words is like spitting in its face. Even reading one of these manuscripts will brighten your life forever.

When I first met Brad Yuan, I looked down on his writings. But in an instant it was revealed to me that I was the one who deserved to be looked down on. His intellectualism crushed me like the brick that I was. But Brad Yuan is forgiving. His caring hand has guided my path ever since. My life has been forever changed for the better by the one and only Brad Yuan.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Brad Yuan: savior, savant, the very meaning of sugoi. A true king!


(By the way, I encourage everyone to join The Brad Yuan Fan Club ( )).

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Summary: We can code with bleeding feet.

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waiting for the day brdy returns to Codeforces like Arthur to Britain