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After a two-day stop in Beijing we're leaving for Moscow. The flight is tomorrow, a bit earlier then 2 p.m. Maybe someone else is flying with us? We land at about 6 p.m., and then we'll have to go to the Paveletsky station, it would be great to catch train 17 that leaves at 19:56. Taking into consideration the number of suitcases we have, it seems that the bus/minibus+underground variant isn't for us. Taxi is the only suitable thing, by the way, does someone know how much it costs to take taxi from the Sheremetyevo 2 Airport to the Paveletsky station?

And if everything goes according to the plan, and we catch the train, we'll arrive at Saratov on February 10 at 12:04. As Antonina Gavrilovna says "tired, but hungry". Wait for us.
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"tired, but hungry"
did you eat well?