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Hi everyone :)

Recently I started to work as CP tutor/coach, doing online lessons, though I have been teaching CP for several years. Probably CF is not that appropriate place to ask this (saying sorry), but I'm very curious how can I find english speaking students?

Some of the Olympiad achievements are 2 Gold Medals on Kazakhstan National Olympiad in Informatics, Gold Medal on the International Zhautykov Olympiad and Bronze Medal on the International Olympiad in Informatics.


  • Price: just reach me by private message to discuss the price
  • Teaching time: can teach any time you want (private message for details)
  • Requirements: anyone with passion to programming can join my lessons

Don't hesitate to PM in Telegram/Facebook or write an Email.

Thank you!

Please, don't downvote. Your care and attention will help me very much :)

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would you please give me a suggestion about the steps and lessons to learn programming sequentially . Any website or good video lessons ?

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    Just keep going and learning new things.

    • Upsolve problems.
    • Try contests on
    • As an algo website try
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though I have been teaching for several years.

teaching what?

I think that Codeforces is a good place to announce but it's quite random whether your blog will be downvoted or not. I would appreciate some price range though.

People often ask me about private lessons (I do give some) but I'm not looking for students anymore. I can recommend you from time to time if you think you're good in teaching.

And I think the perfect ad would be if you do something for the community. Write a blog about some topic, create an educational cf round, write an editorial for some contest (maybe atcoder beginner) or something like that and mention that you give private lessons. That also shows if you can explain something well.

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    Thank you so much for these really great advices!