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Hi! In Korea Regional ICPC homepage, news about ICPC East Asia Pacific Semifinal has appeared. I didn't found any other articles about this, so I'll upload this to get some contribution.

There will be a semi-final competition in the East Asia-Pacific region between the Regional Contest and the World Final. The official title is undecided, but the semifinals will be held in Vietnam on December 21-23, 2020. Up to this year, we are selecting teams to advance to the world competitions, but starting next year, some will be selected at the regional competitions and some will be selected at the semifinals. Unlike the World Championships, the semifinals are expected to allow multiple teams, with an upper limit on the number of teams in each university. The East Asia-Pacific region includes Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia, and Oceania such as Australia and New Zealand.

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Great to see some fair team selection in East Asia!

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