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One of the things I can't stand while doing cp is encountering problems with circular arrays whose solution is almost identical to the analogous problem with a "normal" array. Circular arrays usually make the solution more tedious to write.
I'm not complaining about problems like 1334C - Circle of Monsters, that have a "natural" solution with a circular array and turn out to have a quite different solution if the array is linear.
I'm complaining about problems like 1392D - Omkar and Bed Wars and 1328D - Carousel. Let's suppose that the array is linear, the solution is identical! The circular array only adds a bunch of cases.

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Oh, I would push the idea even further. Nowadays there are lots of websites that authorize users by login+password — and this is a real nightmare for developers. It's so tedious to check password each time a user logins. Let's suppose, from now on we authorize users by the login only. The code will be identical! Checking passwords only adds a bunch of cases.

Talking seriously, the rules of the game are not invented by a bunch of people. When you work in a real IT company, you face a lot of complexity, which is an inherent property of the engineering domain. There will never be easy tasks. Either you accept the rules and keep fighting with all the obstacles the world prepared for developers, or find yourself in something else.