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By MikeMirzayanov, 10 years ago, translation, In English,
In this topic I would like to raise issues around Codeforces Beta Round # 1. What did you like? What is not liked? What seemed uncomfortable? What can be changed to make participation more comfortable?  I wonder your opinion on contest web-interface. 

Please do not write about access the site with the address http://codeforces.com/ (I recommended to use http://codeforces.com:8081/). I guess the problem is around of Apache Virtual Hosts + AJP Connector. Something is configured incorrectly or doesn't work properly because , then it works so good. In short, I will correct. 

I'm waiting for your comments. And, of course, welcome to Codeforces Beta Round # 2. 

Also I would like to see someone who wants to write contest tutorial. This must be done in Russian and English languages. Of course you must solve the problem on either contest, or in the practice. If you have a desire to do it - write in comments. Your post will be published on the main page and later available on special link available from the contest page.

Announcement of Codeforces Beta Round #1
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It's been 10 years now, and not even a single comment or like except this one.

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    Even more strange is the fact that I saw this post exactly 46 hours after its first comment has been posted during these 10 years.

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      after 2 weeks... I am happy mike is still active on cf after 10 years ;)

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Current editorial round leads me to Problem A of this contest. Turns out to be such a legendary round.