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Newton School cordially invites you to be a part of our monthly coding challenge. This month, the challenge is going to take place on eve of 30th October, 2020 at 9PM IST. The duration of the contest is 150 minutes.

Please follow below link to register.
Contest page: https://www.newtonschool.co/contest-home

Highlights of contest:
- The Prize Money is ₹20k and candidates can win exciting prizes and goodies
- ₹100 gift voucher each to 100 randomly chosen participants who solves at-least one question
- We receive more than 10K registrations in our contest from all engineering colleges pan India

Registrations for contest is open till start of contest.
*Note: Prizes are for Indian Participants only.

I hope you all will participate and enjoy the contest.

Newton School Team.

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How to solve the last problem?

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gkapatia There are many bugs in the exam. Firstly when I submitted B, I got "Internal Error" verdict on the 1st testcase, and AC on others. I tried to see what Internal error meant in your site, but couldn't find so I submitted again. The same code got AC on the next go. For D I submitted my first attempt very early, but due to wrong testcases, I didn't get AC. I tried to search for some bug in my code for a lot of time and submitted many correct(but WA) solutions, and when you said the testcases have been fixed, my last attempt(which was made 30min after my first submission) was considered for standings. This is obviously wrong because my first submission was AC on the fixed testcases. Please look into this.