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What was the most popular day of week for contests?

What was the most popular time of day for contests?

More details for 2020 about number of contents started between 14:00 and 15:00 Greenwich time

So 14:35 Greenwich time / 17:35 Moscow time is the most popular. It means it is 01:35 in Sydney and 07:35 in Calgary, for example. Anyway, it is always night time in half of the world:) But many users take part in contests from inconvenient time zones on regular basic. I think that there should be a special reward for loyalty to Codeforces.

This screen shot is done on exactly at 14:35 Greenwich time. I have added pointers to where my today's guests live.

-How you have managed not only to stay awake at this time but to solve problem as well?

Ali.Kh: Obviously my cf rating is so important to me (like most of the people :)) and so before each contest I have to see how I feel and if I'm ready to do the contest. Generally I believe that my mind performs better at night, but of course I try to be in an ideal situation before the contests. I do the following before each of the contests:

1- Take a nap for about an hour in the afternoon. It shouldn't be close to the contest time, otherwise it just affects the contest so badly.

2- Drink a cup of coffee 15-30 min before the contest. Also, eating something like a chocolate or banana helps (but this one is not really related to the time of the contest).

3- Also, my mind shouldn't be tired e.g. basically I don't do a contest after a busy day.

I hope this helps people living in Australia or anywhere who are struggling with the timing of the contests. :)

lookcook: Well obviously you need to get enough sleep, there is no way around that. I try to get at least 7h before rounds. Getting something small to eat before or during the round is helpful but isn't necessary. To not sleep through the round I use an alarm.

During the summer I had anxiety on taking rounds and would tell myself that I was too tired and I did not sleep well enough to take the round. If I forced myself to get out of bed I noticed that this sense of tiredness faded away as long as I got enough sleep, so that feeling is just me trying to avoid the round. To overcome this I adopted a mindset of taking every rated Codeforces round available to me.

Unfortunately some rare rounds are at disgusting times and you need to destroy your sleep schedule for a little while, nothing can be done prevent it. But its worth it for virtual rating on some website :)

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Thanks for interesting analysis!

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Other people before a contest-Nap, drink coffee..

Me before a contest-Forgets to register

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The quality of the problems of Codeforces is really high, so I would like to participate in Codeforces rounds even they're usually held around 10~11p.m. in China :)

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Skipping gym on contest day is most important!

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  • Others before contest : Drink coffee, proper rest, stable mind.
  • Me : Where is my template agaaiiinn
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