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By chinmayajha, history, 7 weeks ago, In English

Hey there.

I feel glad to announce that we (chinmayajha and manijuana) have begun a new series of Virtual Contests (Mashup of problems from the CF Problemset) on our Discord server!. Infact the first round begins in less than 10 minutes!

NOTE : You can take part in it, regardless you're a member of our Discord or not.

These Virtual Contests will be held on almost all the non-contest days (contest days include contests from other major CP sites too). The rating distribution will be 800-1000-1200-1400-1600-1800-2000 (The only exception being today).

The timings for this sprint contest will be the usual CF Round timings i.e. 1500 UTC (2000 IST) (Check your timezone here)

Links : Register yourself for the 1st Sprint Round, and Join our Discord Server!


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