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Hi guys, I have been learning segment trees from Segment Trees Hackerearth .

I am trying to solve the problem range minimum query problem given in the end the topic. I am getting wrong answer in the second input in which n = 10^5 and number queries are also 10^5.

Can anyone help me to debug the code? Link to my code Online C++ Compiler.

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	int arr[3*n];

Can u change size of segment tree to 4*n and then submit the solution once. It should pass :)

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    void update_segment_tree(int *arr, int *a, int node, int start, int end, int idx, int new_value)
    	if(start == end)
    		a[idx] = new_value;
    		arr[node] = new_value;
    	int mid = (start+end)/2;
    		update_segment_tree(arr, a, 2*node+1, start, mid, idx, new_value);
    		update_segment_tree(arr, a, 2*node+2, mid+1, end, idx, new_value);
    	arr[node] = min(arr[2*node+1], arr[2*node+2]);

    There was a bug in "update_segment_tree" implementation. I have corrected and now it is working.