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Always remember, never forget

Erm, so...

Today for me starts like any other day, I woke up, ate breakfast, and visited Codeforces for fun. To be honest I didn't compete in any contests for a while, as I have a lot of exams and studying online.

I'm pretty bored so I scrolled down randomly, and I found something that hit me, like a truck.

One of the highest-rated and most respected Codeforces users in my country, Kuroni, left the Codeforces community.

I checked his profile, and he left it with nothing but a blank in his profile picture, and a line below his nickname that says "Goodbye". That's it, nothing else.

I was completely shocked. I even cried for around half an hour. I mean, anyone that has a big contribution to this community (and high-rated as well), and decides to retire, hurts. You may think that this is hurt as anyone else farewelled before, and I feel ok with it.

But for me, it hits different.

He is my personal favorite coder. Kuroni was my idol, since the first days I entered Codeforces.

I still remember back then, on my first day ever at Codeforces, with my curiosity I checked the highest rated users in Viet Nam. Well, it is now cabbit, but on that day, it was him. Kuroni.

Since then, I had a dream. A dream to practice with my own heart, to be a red coder like him one day. Across my journey on CP, he inspires me a lot. Every time I was feeling down, I checked his profile and have the motivation to continue. Seems pretty weird, but without him, I am not very sure that I would be blue right now.

Long story short, although this will be really hard for me to come through, life must continue. But for now, I will sit back and take this as a new step in my life. From now, I will train harder than ever, trying my best to one day, at least one day, fulfill my dream.

I don't think I could say anything more about this topic, so everything I can say is: farewell, thank you, and best of luck to Kuroni for whatever you choose to have a brighter future. I hope that when you come back here, you can know that at least this community doesn't forget and always welcome you with open hands.

Any thoughts are welcome. Sorry for my bad English.

Kuroni orz

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iirc kuroni was already like this about a week ago, so this is kind of late :thonk:

you can still find him in the VNOI server though

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I don't really know Kuroni but this post was very moving...I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors!

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Somebody pointed me to this post and I feel like leaving my thoughts a bit here.

I can't go into much detail, but I feel like competitive programming in general has been tolling on my mental health for the past year and a half. I've tried pulling through and just doing it on and off, but it only worsened my conditions, so I finally decided to break from it, at least for an extended period of time, hence what you're seeing now.

I hope we will be seeing each other soon :) And for everyone, make sure to take care of yourself, especially of your mental health, in these trying times.

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One of my most favourite problemsetters.

When I was new here, I was frustated for not being able to solve $$$1000-1300$$$ problems regularly. Then one of my friend sent me a $$$2200$$$ rated Kuroni and the Score Distribution and told me to have a look at it. I surprisingly solved that problem. Kuroni was the setter of that beautiful problem (As you can guess from the problem name) . A problem which can be solved without any advanced knowledge, so much so that a noob like me at that time could solve that. That little incident influenced my whole CP life. This prblem still motivates me to give my best when I'm down or having a -171. He is probably the most influential and favourite setter in my short CP career.

It's sad to see you saying goodbye. Best of luck for the time ahead.

Thank you Kuroni.