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In June 2019, EbTech posted an article How to Compete in Rust. Inspired by that, I'm working on my rust_codeforce_template.

It could be used in such way:

  1. cargo install --git --branch codeforce bundler
  2. git clone --depth=1
  3. Edit Most cases, I only need to edit fn solve()
  4. ./ <
  5. If the result looks good, submit /dev/shm/ to codeforce

This workflow has such advantages IMHO

Template code Move template code out of I could save my time from scrolling up and down. My forked rust-bundler would bundle them into a single file that could be submitted.

Save coding time for IO
I bundled text_io in my It provides simple reading methods
let i: i32 = read!(); let word: String = read!();
Based on that, I added another function read_ivec. I think this is the most frequently used function in my template.

I'm new and naive to both Rust and competitive programming. (Well, old and naive for the latter). I'll be so grateful for your comments.

Besides, I recommend rust-algorithms by EbTech. Templates with a high quality:)

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