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Hello, Codeforces!

I got tired of copying and pasting tests million times, so I've written a testing system to simplify my life:) Basically it remembers tests that you inputted, and when you want to retest your program you just have to press only one button (well, actually two, if we count Enter).

I think something like that is already created, but I haven't heard of it, and after all it was fun writing such system, so if anyone is interested and don't know equivalents, you are very welcome:). It most probably have some bugs, but I haven't found any yet. For using it you will need python 3, colorama (can be installed with pip install colorama if you have python installed) and g++ compilier.

I think it is legal to use at contests, but if someone think it is not, please, write in comments.

Enjoy :)

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RE:'I haven't heard of it' — Hightail is decent, and works well for codeforces (despite being fairly old now).