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There are many things that I find missing in default C++ build in Mac Sublime Text(clang) like no bits/stdc++.h header, regular warnings on using auto keyword, using inline comparator functions etc. So I tried searching how to use brew's g++ as default build in Sublime Text without breaking anything but couldn't find anything.

First of all install brew from brew.sh.

After that install gcc using the command in terminal "brew install gcc".

Check if install is complete using command "gcc-11 --version" (I got gcc-11 installed, in future you may use gcc-12,gcc-13 etc).

Now type the command "which g++-11" to get the location where g++-11 got installed. Copy this location ( Mine was something like — /opt/homebrew/bin/g++-11 ).

Open sublime text and install "PackageResourceViewer" from Package Control. After that open command palette and open "PackageResourceViewer: Open resource".

Then go to C++.

Then go to C++ Single file.

Finally replace all g++ with the location we copied earlier (/opt/homebrew/bin/g++-11).

Save this file using cmd+s and restart sublime text. Compile and build as you would usually do in sublime text (cmd+b/cmd+shift+b) and this time it would build using brew's g++.

If you would like to revert back to original g++, just go back to C++ Single file build and change "/opt/homebrew/bin/g++-11" to "g++" wherever applicable.


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Bro... Thank you so much... I have been waiting for it...

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thanks man!