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In 2021 July, I posted a blog Use Rust in Codeforce — My practice with rust-bundler. After some work, I published a new package rust_bundler_cp, which is designed for competitive programming, and concentrating on codeforces' environment.

Quick guide:

  1. cargo install rust_bundler_cp
  2. git clone --depth=1
  3. cd rust_codeforce_template
  4. rust_bundler_cp --input . --output /dev/shm/

I'm excited to introduce a new feature (experimental): Remove unused pub mod At top of my, I have several pub mod as my code template.

pub mod pr;
pub mod algo;
pub mod nd;
pub mod multi_queue;
pub mod nums;
pub mod iters;

Although Codeforces has a generous code size limit: 64kb, it's always better to avoid unnecessary code. My new version rust_bundler_cp may examine If a mod is not used in, it would be removed from the final output with explicit arg:
rust_bundler_cp --input . --output /dev/shm/ --remove_unused_mod

Looking forward to your feedback!

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Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed — I've found the excess boilerplate quite distasteful but adjusted thus far. After seeing this, I'm excited to make a shift now.

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    I'm so glad that it helps! Please no hesitate to create Github issues for all bugs/suggestions/questions etc.