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Greetings, Codeforces community!

We are happy to announce the next round of HOT 2021, which is an optimization tournament consisting of multiple competitions.

The contest will take place December 4-12 on the Algotester platform. You will be solving a single problem, and we will provide you with a visualizer that should help you along the way. All individual participants are welcome to join.

The round prizes are:

The top 3 overall tournament performers will win the MateBook X Pro laptop. Additionally:

  • Everyone who scores more than a quick-start solution on any of the tournament contests will receive an exclusive HOT T-shirt.
  • Everyone who earns at least one tournament point will receive a full HOT gift pack which includes a T-shirt, hoodie, and notepad.

More details and registration is available on the HOT 2021 page on Algotester —

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Hello everyone,

just a reminder, the competition starts in 30 hours at It will be a 9-day-long challenge with an optimization problem and nice prizes!

Make sure to register. Have fun and good luck to all participants!

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The contest is now underway!

The classic Columns Game problem with a handy and fun visualizer is waiting for you, along with great prizes for competitors and winners. You are also provided with the test generator and a quick-start solution in multiple languages, so you'll be ready to start coding your ideas right away! To submit your solutions, make sure to register for the competition.

Just for fun, you can play the same game manually at Good luck once again, and let the best player win!