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Hello everyone. I have created an application myself, then I want to share it to you :D. Of course, I don't want to let this post be an advertisement, I only want share to you an application what could be necessary with you.

Ttjudge is a free application designed to judge almost problems with test data. This can be used to judge submissions in a team, or used to train yourself. You can let submissions of your team be automatically judged after submitting like any online judges. This application has been used in my school for a year. In one year, my application has been upgraded very much. Ttjudge can recognize many testdata types. You can set time limit, checker, type of verdict (OI-like or ACM-like), and specify input/output stream.

Ttjudge supports on Linux platform only, and supports C++ submissions only, if you are using Windows, I'm sorry about this. You may want to download it here. And you may want to see Faq page and some screenshots. Thank you for your view.

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Can you please fix the download link? :(