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Hi Coders! We have launched CodeHunt!

CodeHunt is made to help Codeforces and UVa Online Judge users filter their problems with convenience and ease. You can also compare yourself with friends and rivals to motivate your practice and growth.

What inspired us to make CodeHunt?

Before any other site, we practiced our competitive programming using UVa, assisted, of course, by the incredible site, uHunt, made by Felix Halim. As we began to participate in Codeforces contests and solved more and more problems here, we never had the same level of motivation for the long grind as we did when using uHunt. We realized it was because there wasn’t a tool out there for Codeforces that was as convenient in tracking problems.

After a while of looking for the right tool, we decided it could be fun to make one for ourselves and see where it goes. We took the leap and the making of CodeHunt began! It is named as such, as gratitude to uHunt. What started out as a simple filter kept getting more and more updates until it became what it is today.

Features of CodeHunt

  • Supports both Codeforces and UVa Online Judge
  • Provides complete list of problems found in the respective sites
  • Comprehensive filtering of problems (Difficulty, Solved, Unsolved, Attempted, Included Tags, Excluded Tags, and more)
  • Multiple ways to sort the list of problems
  • Submitting to same problems is linked (Div. 1 and Div. 2, Mirror Contests, Contests based on previous ones, etc.)
  • User comparison of problems (Solved by one and not the other)
  • User comparison of contests done together (Last 5 rated contests)
  • Designed to maximize speed and user comfort
  • Download filtered problems through PDFs for convenient training (NEW!)

Why CodeHunt?

In regard to problem search and filtering, we took the best of what uHunt and Codeforces had to offer while improving the areas we felt were less refined. For that reason, we believe that CodeHunt is able to contribute to the ever-growing community of competitive programmers by providing a sharp and simple tool to navigate through the vast selection of problems found in these great sites.

Thanks and feel free to provide some feedback down in the comments or email us at codehuntteam@gmail.com.

Have Fun!

UPD: Added new features!

jt3698 and CosmicWolf

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