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By raja_n, history, 6 months ago, In English

Hello everyone, I was solving today this graph problem : 598D - Igor In the Museum.

And below are my two submissions which only differs in size of an array, one is giving TLE and one is giving AC. According to me, there should be runtime error in 1st submission as array will go out of bound but how Codeforces is giving tle?



Here is the difference-checker screenshot for above two submissions:

spookywooky for the documentation.
Wild_Hamster for such a great way to help.
mallick630 for making it easy at last by amazing explanation.

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By raja_n, history, 7 months ago, In English


In the above solution of Educational Codeforces Round 92 for problem A,there is a loop used inside testcase loop.

So,I tried to hack it with 10000 testcases of 500000001 1000000000. According to this test case ,there will be 10000*5*pow(10,8) operations but still I don't get successful tle hack.Even my ide got crashed at this input but still codeforces did not give a tle.

Can anyone help me by telling why is it so?

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