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By smtcoder, 3 weeks ago, In English

Last night my favourite TV Show — Better Call Saul (Breaking Bad Spin-off), got snubbed from Emmys for its 46th straight nomination. Mostly because it isn't that popular as compared to some so called 'great' shows — Strangers things, Squid Game etc. So, I have made a video on the show and uploaded it on Youtube. Please watch it and share it as much as possible.

BUT why am I posting it here?

Because this is the only community which I feel connected with and who might spare some time to read this post. And even if I am able to convince at least one of you to watch this show, then my job is done. It truly is a great show and you all guys should spare sometime from doing CP and relax for a while by watching this show.

My Youtube Video Link: This will make you watch Better Call Saul

Do watch it as I have taken 15 days to make this video, especially the editing part because I wanted to match the visuals of this video with what I'm saying XD

The video is completely Spoiler FREE. It's basically a review and analysis video of Better Call Saul which is a spin-off of much celebrated hit TV Drama Breaking Bad. Do spare some time for this video, it'll be worth it.

Also don't forget to subscribe, because I'm also quite passionate about CP and will be making many videos on it soon! Also if you want me to review other tv shows as well, do comment down on the video. Do help your brother grow on Youtube :)

PS: Apologies for my strong Indian Accent in the video. I have added subtitles too :P

Thanks for your time!

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