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Hi all!

Programming Club, IIT Mandi and ACM Student Chapter, IIT Mandi are organizing Dementia 2020, our annual programming contest on 13th August, 8:30 pm — 11 pm IST.

The contest features 5 problems of varying difficulty and contest duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The contest is rated for Division 2 on CodeChef (<1800 rating). However, Division 1 can participate out of competition (4* and 5* users especially, should find some problems interesting).

The problem setters for the contest are lane, dhr_1, rtanmay, _-Noob-_ and swapnilr.

We would like to thank jtnydv25 for being the round coordinator on behalf of CodeChef and suggesting a major improvement to one of the problems and l_returns for testing the problems and catching issues that slipped our internal testing, taran_1407 for an initial review of the problem ideas, as well as the rest of the CodeChef team for managing other logistics of the contest.

Good luck and have fun!

UPD: The author's solution for HELPHAND was pointed out to be incorrect and since this affects a lot of users, the contest will be unrated. We hope you find the other problems good for learning purposes. We apologize for the mistake. Editorials are being added on CodeChef Discuss.

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