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By viesis, history, 7 years ago, In English

Hey guys,

I am quite tensed with the CF bugs. Why is there a lot of bugs these days? for example, see this comment's screen shot:

when I click on the delete button it shows a message something like this: "you can't delete a post created 2 mins ago." Then why is there that delete button still existing?

But, I hope admins will also fix this issue as they did before, e.g. see this post


(for those who has vision problem) the delete button lasts for 4 minutes, see carefully:

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By viesis, 7 years ago, In English

hello all,

Today I am facing this issue frequently:

Did somebody else experienced the same issue before? How to fix it?

UPD: Maybe the issue has been resolved (at least for me). Thanks admins :)

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By viesis, 7 years ago, In English

Happy New Year everyone! Though I am not really happy. Because it seems I'm all alone in codeforces. People who were my friends or whom I followed have worn a mask like Halloween's Eve. I was quite surprised: where the hell prince of Persia has gone, the kingdom is rather ruled by a stranger PrinceOfPersia! It feels so scary around here!?! So, my request to Mike and Mirzayanov is, to move this handle change festival at Halloween's Eve rather than now at such a joyful moment.

OK, Enough introduction, let's get to the point. We need an option(=feature) where the history of handles we used will be kept save. Because, we don't know who is that guy commenting there. (Most probably, this feature will not be implemented because some guys here change handle to hide their identity. But, that feature will expose them easily.)

Until we get this feature, let's save our handle history manually and publicly in some place: Why not here? You'll message me your handle lists and I will update this post (not so frequently). But, sometimes later if it seems that, I am dead(enough people are angry of me around codeforces :P) then simply comment your handle lists in the comment section(and update every time when you change to new handle).

UPD1: instead of sending message or comment, now you can click the following button to add handles:

Add Handles

Handle History:

Handle of 2013 Handle of 2014 Handle of 2015 Handle of 2016 Handle of 2017
Enchom Enchom Enchom Enchom
/NoHandle/ charzeh PrinceOfPersia PrinceOfPersia
homo_sapiens homo_sapiens homo_sapiens Edvard
/NoHandle/ P_Nyagolov P_Nyagolov P_Nyagolov
cdr cdr cdr Resul
Psychologist clp012345 I_know_nothing Nezzar
Aldiar Aldiar Aldiar Xephy
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ strcoder4007 __STR
anuj95 anuj95 heaton StoneCold_
LeBron LeBron I_love_Tanya_Romanova I_love_Tanya_Romanova
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ inverted _Luna
Alias Alias Alias goo.gl_SsAhv
/NoHandle/ saidemir saidemir BestTrollEver
/NoHandle/ MLGuy I_love_Hoang_Yen I_love_Hoang_Yen
chowdhury chowdhury chowdhury mochow
/NoHandle/ Sa1378 Sa1378 Batman
Second_Hand Second_Hand EXM_KG Azret
Blackjaguar97 Blackjaguar97 Blackjaguar97 BayHarborButcher
E.K.Goharshady E.K.Goharshady EKGMA EKGMA
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ -NE0- t3rminated
Al3kSaNdaR Al3kSaNdaR Al3kSaNdaR Acko
dreamoon4 dreamoon dreamoon dreamoon_love_AA
peter50216 peter50216 peter50216 peter50216
/NoHandle/ MistaFrosty MistaFrosty Ralsei
caustique evader caustique caustique
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ mewat1000 Fear_Is_An_Illusion
ATofighi ATofighi ATofighi ATofighi
/NoHandle/ ayushtomar ayushtomar AtomRush
ashish1610 ashish1610 ashish1610 ashish1610
xudyh 2333333333333 TooSimple MiracleFaFa
I_love_ilona I_love_ilona Alex_KPR Alex_KPR
/NoHandle/ khalilwtf khalilwtf CloverAsta
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ _resul AClover
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ Nurlykhan kshj78
tmt514 OoO000oOOOoOooOo tmt514 tmt514
san4o sanzhar285 canzhar-5 Sanjar
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ Tessy KirillShin
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ Zardos RaifAkhmedshin
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ Al-Xorazmiy LAO
askar.aytzhan aitzhan.askar aitzhan.askar aitzhan.askar
/NoHandle/ r_chenokov r_chesnokov r_chesnokov
/NoHandle/ emotionless emotionless.milon DarkAssassin
Milon Milon emotionles emotionles
/NoHandle/ sabry_ragab _braek sabry_ragab
farazazadi1374 fararazadi1374 farazazadi Frez
/NoHandle/ animesh_f animesh_f animeshf
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ ngoisao_93 xuanquang1999
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ Bluespeck I_love_Captain_America
/NoHandle/ human_in_atyrau Rahimh Khismet
/NoHandle/ Fast_cOder Rating Khina
/NoHandle/ panda2000 Tlekbay fest
/NoHandle/ Kuzey-tekin Kuzey-tekin Kuzey
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ agudelotmateo sw1ft
/NoHandle/ Panda2000 Tlekbay fest
CapAwesome Vankata TooSchoolForCool ha1vanka
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ gauravbansal2000 gauravbansal20
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ mahmoudhassan tweety
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ abinash Abinash
TooDifficult TooDifficult TooDifficult TooSimpIe
/NoHandle/ /NoHandle/ glushik AllDogsAreBeautiful
/NoHandle/ Hard_Determinist determinism determinism
/NoHandle/ Bredor Bredor_228_Jaguar_Turnik Bredor
??(Add Handles)

Thanks for messages guys :)

Also remember that, codeforces doesn't allow to message more than 2 users per hour. So, if you don't get my reply in messages then you should comment here.

UPD2: sorry guys for delaying to add new handles, I'm facing some issues to add (described here) handles. I hope Mike will help me soon! But, it doesn't mean that I'm not keeping handles saved. You can fill up the form any time and I'll update this post for sure.


I'm quite annoyed with some users action. Some of them has filled a single box with 2 handles, e.g. 1 for 2016 and other for 2017! Some other stupids are adding their handles twice instead of clicking the "edit-response"! Please, do not try to fill the form if you can't do it in the exact way. I won't fix any issue of an user more than once. And you will have to inform me about your mistake! (I am too angry to update this post again, almost all the corrections I am doing manually).

I think I should stop right now. Some filthy minds has ruined all the funs. But, before the quit I should show my gratitude to KingArthur, who has been helping me in various ways since the very beginning of this blog post! A huge thanks to you Arthur :)

Have a nice week! Good bye!

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By viesis, 7 years ago, In English

Hello all,

I have read segment tree, lazy propagation tutorials. but I find difficult to solve some problems like this one. Can anyone give more necessary tutorials or problems links to master segment tree?

Thanks in advance.

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