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By xzy090626, 9 months ago, In English

As you can see now,I'm a newbie.

I'm been registered for 7 months,and I started studying CP about a year ago.

That's quite a long time,I think.Besides,I spent a long time on it.

But I can only solve Div.2B and I had never solved out Div.2C in any contests.

In fact,I've learned a lot of useless agorithms,but I still don't know how to solve Div.2C during contest.

So,everyone,how can I reach pupil or higher in a short time?

That is to say,how to solve more problems in a contest?

I'll be very glad to recieve your answer,thanks a lot.

BTW if you can provide me some useful methods to solve problems quickly and accurately,I'll be happy too.

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