By Radewoosh, 5 years ago, In English

Hello everybody! A new round is upcoming and I'm honored to be its author. The round will first appear as the onsite for Dasha.AI Code Championship and later we will hold a rated mirror. Everybody is welcomed to participate in Codeforces and I wish good luck for people in Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

Using the opportunity, I want to thank:

  • mnbvmar for helping in the preparation of a great part of everything. Really, without you, I wouldn't do it.
  • 300iq for coordination and help with preparation.
  • As always, MikeMirzayanov for taking care of international competitive programming and making such great platforms as Codeforces and Polygon.
  • KAN, zscoder, Lewin, Jeffrey, Darkstalker, Darko and Gtaumaturgo for testing the problems and great advice.
  • Dasha.Ai for an organization and a sponsorship.

Scoring will appear later.

Good luck and see you during the contest!

UPD1a: Scoring in div2: 500-750-1250-1750-2500-3000

UPD1b: Scoring in div1: 500-1000-1500-2250-(1500+1250)-3500

UPD2: editorial

UPD3: Congratulations to the winners!

In div1:

  1. Um_nik
  2. yosupo
  3. ksun48

In div2:

  1. lqs2o15
  2. rainboy
  3. HoshigakiKisame

In the onsite competition in Saint Petersburg:

  1. aid
  2. vintage_Vlad_Makeev
  3. cookiedoth

In the onsite competition in Novosibirsk:

  1. Timonnable
  2. Pechalka
  3. Maho

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By Errichto, 5 years ago, In English

Hey, hi, hello.

Codeforces Round 584 - Dasha Code Championship - Elimination Round (rated, open for everyone, Div. 1 + Div. 2) starts on Sep/14/2019 16:05 (Moscow time) and lasts 2h30m. The score drain will be adjusted for longer contest duration. It's a combined rated round with around eight problems. It is open and it is rated for everybody. Yes, it's rated. There are Dasha t-shirts for top 30 competitors (not counting later-to-be onsite finalists).

As an extra, this is an elimination round for those who live in/near SPb/Novosibirsk. More info about the championship is in the other blog. Thanks to Dasha.AI for making such an event for the community!

Problems are prepared by MikeMirzayanov, FieryPhoenix, dragonslayerintraining and Errichto. One of these setters also created Codeforces, thanks for that! And huge thanks to cdkrot for coordinating the round, to Merkurev, isaf27, KAN and me for testing, and finally to mareksom, Radewoosh and Marcin_smu for some small help.

I wish you more fun than bugs. Enjoy the contest!

PS. I recorded the process of preparing one problem with commentary, will publish it on Youtube after the contest. EDIT:

UPDATE, points: A 500, B 500, C 1250, D 1500, E 1000+1500, F 2500, G 1500+2250, H 4000. There are 8 problems and 2 of them are split into two versions. Good luck!

UPDATE, huge congratulations to winners!

  1. Petr
  2. jqdai0815
  3. LayCurse
  4. zeliboba
  5. 300iq

I was the author of last two problems: Into Blocks (but thanks for cdkrot for preparing it!) and Walkways, hope you liked them.

UPDATE, editorial is out.

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By Dasha.AI, 5 years ago, translation, In English

Hi Codeforces!

We are pleased to announce the start of registration for Dasha Code Championship! We are Dasha.AI — a conversational AI startup with the huge ambition to use voice AI to pass the Full Turing Test. In a very short time, we managed to assemble a strong team of top specialists — among us there are 4 winners of international mathematics competitions, 16 ICPC participants, and several PhDs and Doctors of Science. Scientific research in the field of AI is led by Alexander Dyakonov — Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University, Professor Emeritus of the Russian Academy of Sciences, former Kaggle #1.

Recently we’ve been featured on TechCrunch. Every day we work to bring the future closer.

Examples of calls

Our team has grown and exists in a big part thanks to ICPC, and now we want to start paying tribute to the community by holding regular prize championships.

Dasha Code Championship

Dasha Code Championship will be held in two stages — Elimination and Final. The Final will be held simultaneously in two locations — St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk, Russia. According to the results of the Elimination round, lists of finalists in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk will be formed. Top competitors will be invited to the finals according to the results of the Elimination round and based on their location and ability to travel. The winners of the onsite final (separately to each city) will be awarded the following prizes:

  • I place — iPhone X or 70000 RUR
  • II place — iPad 2018 or 25000 RUR
  • III place — Headphones Jabra Move or 10000 RUR
  • all onsite finalists will receive a signature Dasha T-shirt

Register Now →
Round 1 (Elimination Internet Round)

The open Elimination Internet Round starts on September 14, 2019 at 16:05 (MSK). The round will be rated, open to all members of the Codeforces community. Top 30 competitors will receive official Dasha t-shirts!

Round 2 (Onsite Final Round)

The Onsite Final Round starts on September 22, 2019 at 12:05 (MSK). The finals will take place at the same time in St. Petersburg (at ITMO) and Novosibirsk (at the Dasha office). The top 50 participants in the Elimination round will be invited to St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk (travel expenses are not covered). The results will be made separate for each of the cities and prizes awarded accordingly. For online participants an open rating round will take place.

About company

We first got the idea in 2016. In 2018, a team of ICPC finalists and semi-finalists was formed and in early 2019, Dasha raised $2M from the RTP Ventures and RTP Global funds (early investors in Yandex). We already have over 18 big clients in the Russian Federation and pilot projects in the USA with Fortune 1000 companies. At the moment, Dasha has made over 4,000,000 phone calls on a number of use cases. Our goal is to create a universal platform for voice AI, which will pass the full Turing test with voice. To do this, we need the best minds on the planet and in our team you will have a chance to fully realize your engineering and scientific potential. You can contribute to the creation of something that will define tomorrow’s world.

You can join our team by filling out the form here (for Russian-speaking participants).

Interested in an internship or a job at Dasha.AI?

Make Science Great Again!

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