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Codeforces, welcome!

Registration for the ML competition from Raiffeisenbank that starts on May 17 is now open. The prize fund of the championship is 700,000 rubles. The competition is unrated.

All terms of participation were developed by the Raiffeisenbank eFX trading team in collaboration with Codeforces. Huge thanks to geranazavr555 for the testing and great advice and MikeMirzayanov for Codeforces systems.

Participants are invited to build a predictive model based on the provided historical data.

Cash prizes will be contested only among Russian residents (we expect winning participants to provide descriptions of their solutions in Russian).


  • 1-4 places — 100K rubles each
  • 5-10 places — 50K rubles each
  • 1-60 places — merch packages

Registration is open until the end of the contest. Please fill in the contest registration form.

UPD1: Competition will now run for two weeks until May 31, 19:00 MSK!

UPD2: Use our baseline solution for a quick start

UPD3: Contest results are open. You can download the system testing data by the link

UPD4: Results will be announced within coming week! Stay tuned!

UPD5: The results are now final and the winners are:

  1. PenaFeministka
  3. YANK01
  4. IgorDr1999
  5. l4morak
  6. Derbent
  7. Matuha777
  8. ZADaCHI
  9. Taube
  10. evteev

Congratulations! Everyone in global top-60 -- don't forget to check your inbox, we'll message you about merch packages.

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Announcement of Codeforces Raif ML Round 1
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Hello, Codeforces!

Welcome to the Codeforces Raif Round 1 (Div. 1 + Div. 2) supported by Raiffeisenbank, that will start on Oct/17/2020 16:05 (Moscow time). It will be a combined rated round for both divisions. Note that the start time is unusual.

All problems were authored and prepared by bensonlzl, oolimry, errorgorn, dvdg6566, shenxy13.

Ari gato to:

You will be given 8 problems, one of which would be divided into easy and hard versions, and 150 minutes to solve them.

We hope that statements are short and pretests are strong and that you find the problems interesting! Good luck, have fun and we wish everyone high ratings!

The scoring distribution will be announced closer to the beginning of the round.

Thanks to Raiffeisenbank, winners will get awesome swag:

  • 1st-3rd place = Bluetooth speaker

  • 4th-10th place = Bumbag

  • 11th-20th place = Power Bank

Random 50 participants outside of top-20, who solved at least one problem will receive:

  • Thermos Mugs

  • Raiffeisenbank t-shirt

About Algorithmic Trading team in Raiffeisenbank

We develop a high-frequency trading (HFT) system for equity, currency and derivative markets. Our business edge is in technology. The main goal is to create a top-notch platform based on fundamental and statistical models and machine learning, with low latency and high throughput. The efficiency and scalability of our code give us a competitive advantage. We are passionate about code quality and strive for highest standards in product development.

If you are interested in internship and employment opportunities in the Raiffeisenbank algo-trading team Capital Markets, or want to get in touch with the bank's recruitment , fill out a form below.


UPD: Scoring distribution: 500 — 1000 — 1000 — 1500 — 1750 — 1750 — (2250+750) — 4000

UPD2: Editorial out!

UPD 3: First ACs and winners

First ACs

A: 300iq

B: icecuber

C: Not-Afraid

D: Radewoosh

E: Errichto

F: fmota

G: Radewoosh

H: Radewoosh

Top 5

  1. Radewoosh

  2. Um_nik

  3. kczno1

  4. ecnerwala

  5. littlelittlehorse

Congratulations to everyone!

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