Leagues of Code Summer Camp

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Hey, Codeforces!

Harbour.Space University and Leagues of Code make a programming camp in Barcelona!

Leagues of Code is the official trainer of the Spanish National Olympics Team in Informatics.

Our Summer Camp is a training program that will teach participants competitive programming. It will take place in Barcelona and online on July 18-29, both participation formats are available. We are inviting students ages 10 to 24, interested in improving their skills or seeking for intensive, high level training prior to the IOI. Teachers in the camp will be mhq, MaksymOboznyi, pashka, and others. Participants will be divided into classes based on their level and previous experience. Classes will be held in English.

Join a coding camp that brings you the brightest stars in tech!

Get 30% discount for an on-site participation or 50% discount for online participation with promocode CFLOC2022.

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