Anyone did not receive any email after filling in address for getting Google Code Jam 2022 T-shirt?

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I'm writing this to see if there is anyone who is in the same situation.

I was in top 1000 in Google Code Jam 2022 Round 2. I received the code for redeeming the T-shirt at around mid-June this year. When I filled in the address form and clicked the submit button, it returned to the home page of the swag portal and there was nothing happened. When I tried to fill in the code again to see if it worked, the address form was shown again. I was pretty confused but still believed it was ok (since I submitted anyway).

Since it was written on the swag portal that they would deliver the prize in August, I've been waiting for it this whole month but there is nothing. So I emailed [email protected] and [email protected] for help. In short, they said that If the order went through, you should have received an email confirmation with an order # and unable to access the portal once redeemed. Everything is made to order so we don’t have any more product to ship to you. and Unfortunately the swag portal has closed and we won't be able to ship out anymore items.

This is pretty confusing since there was nothing in the swag portal indicating that there would be a confirmation email or something (so sorry if it did have but I was not able to see it). Is there anyone who is in the same situation? Who can I ask for help on this situation except emailing the team?


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