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Hello Codeforces,

I'm Eslam Ahmed, a student at Zagazig University, Egypt. Our team "SciCave" Qualified for ACPC 2022 after a great performance and achieving a high rank in the Egyptian CPC. It's the second time for Zagazig university to have a team to qualify for ACPC.

In order to participate in ACPC, we are required to pay the fees which are 1500$ before the 15th of October, or we'll have a penalty required to pay 2500$.

We asked our university for funds, and they rejected our request and didn't care about us at all. our team practiced very hard and they are eager to do their best in the competition and expected to do a great performance there, all we need is a CHANCE.

Now, there is very little time for us to make alternative plans to participate in ACPC. and we need CF Community help to make this dream true.

In an attempt to achieve this dream, we created a crowdfunding campaign. Please we need your help donating .

Thanks to everyone in advance ♥


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