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Invitation to Code-MAT'22

Revision en9, by piyush_pransukhka, 2022-11-05 20:45:29

Hello codeforces!!

Mathematics and Computing Society (MACS) IIT BHU is glad to invite you to our programming event Code-MAT'22. The contest will take place on Codechef 5th November, 17:30 IST. You will be given 2 hours to solve 6-8 problems of varying difficulty which is bound to keep you on your toes.

Contest link :

The problem set has been authored and prepared by pd_codes, brahma_afk, Gokussjz, rewq, world_classic, stunner45, Akshat_bhalawat and me.

We would like to thank Ayu_19, A.K.S.H.A.T and Harshjain4001 for helping with the problem preparation.

The problems have been tested by saatvik10, Ayrt_Samurai51296, Adroit_001, Usurper__, Phoenixx01, Harshkohli15, CodeWithSunny and Mathematical_Coder.


We have prizes worth 2000 INR for IIT BHU Participants.

To be eligible for prizes, please fill the form :

We have an exciting problemset awaiting for you. Good luck and have fun!

See you on the leaderboard.

UPD : You can find the editorial here


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