Invitation to International Coding League '23, BITS Pilani

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We are happy to invite you to participate in International Coding League, 2023, conducted by the students of BITS Pilani as the flagship event of our technical fest, APOGEE.

The first round of this contest would be hosted on Codechef, and would be in teams of 1 or 2. The cash prize for this round is INR 10000 (5k + 3k + 2k). To be eligible for these prizes (and to participate in the next round), teams must fill the registration form.

The top 25 teams in this round would qualify to the second round, which would be held offline at BITS Pilani, Pilani campus on 1st April, 2023. The cash prize for this round is INR 30000 (15k + 10k + 5k).


The problem setters and testers are: mithilshah23, utk, AAK, sketkar, Jash_Ranipa, shashankag and brobat.

We thank CodeChef for providing us the platform to host our contest.

We hope you enjoy the contest, and happy coding! :)

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