Homebrew GCC may not work properly on Apple M1 devices

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These days I'm trying to compile the following c++ code:


const int MAXN=1e5+5;
std::vector<int> factor[MAXN];

signed main() {return 0;}

This code works while I'm using g++ 11.3.0. However, if I use g++ 13.1.0 or 12.1.0, I'll receive a compile error:

/var/folders/v7/yk8tz4j54cl2lhp1f80nyz700000gn/T//cc2HpyzP.s:371:29: error: unexpected token in '.section' directive
        .section .data.rel.ro.local

Reinstalling the compiler doesn't works. What should I do?

Note I use Apple M1 with MacOS 13.2.1 (22D68).


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