AI language models and cheating in online contests

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Hello, Codeforces!

I am one of the moderators of Luogu, which is the largest competitive programming online judge system and online community in China. We hold online contests frequently.
To emphasize academic integrity, we run an anti-plagiarism system to catch the cheaters after every contest.
Traditionally, all cases of cheating are like “person A uses person B’s code and directly submit it in the contest”. But as more and more people are knowing how to use ChatGPT or other AI language models, the situation is becoming more and more complex.
Now after every easy enough contest (we also have Div. 3 and Div. 4), those easy problems which are capable for ChatGPT to solve, will contain an amount of AI generated submissions.

I kindly ask other contest-hosting platforms, what’s your solution to this problem? How to deal with these AI generated submissions, should we regard these as cheating and disqualifies the submitters? If so, is there any possibilities that there will be many false positives, which their codes are written by themselves but are misjudged as AI generated?

Here in Codeforces, does anyone know how did Codeforces do? Or how did AtCoder do, as their AtCoder Beginner Contests’ first few problems are easy enough? If you are organizing other online platforms, and have some experience, please comment below! Thank everyone who discuss constructively!

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