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I have started doing cp for 2months now(i registered on codeforces before but i was only discovering at that time) my dream is to make my country IOI team. I can feel the improvememnt a bit(by the way what do you think of my rating graph) however i am always doubting my practice efficiency because i am not using a roadmap or something just random practice and whenever i encounter a new topic on a problem i learn it and pratcie some basic problems to grasp i also tried that ultimate topic list but still everytime i feel there is something wrong and i don't even know dsa or anything so should i learn it first or what however i know that in spite of my lack of experinec i really love cp and OI and am willing to do anything to improve i also tried the USACO guide which i tought would be amazing however the statements were very long and usually they did not require any thinking just heavy implementation in the beginner bronze problems.So i am now asking for help and advice and i hope to get answers unlike other blogs i had posted so please i want help on practice and on my progress whether is it good or not.Thanks again for this wonderful community and this amazing website which is my favourite one for practice.


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