Invitation to The Game Of Codes 2.0 (DCC, NIT Agartala)

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What's up competitive programmers :>

Welcome, to another installment of The Game Of Codes. Get ready to unleash your coding skills as we present to you The Game Of Codes 2.0 : Space Exploration! Organized by the Developers & Coders Club and would like to invite you all for following events :

Prelims Contest Details

Date & time : Wednesday April 3, 2024 at 20:30 IST

Platform : Codeforces

Penalty: 20 minutes for each wrong submission

You will be offered 5 problems and 1.5 hours to solve them. We tried to make interesting, beautiful, problems with strong pretests. Top 15 teams will qualify for finals. Contest will follow ICPC guidelines.

The problems were set and tested by Raj_Tiwari, li_ght, chetan_saini, wintersoldier2004, kavi_khalique and vedant_vaidya_77.

Contest Link: Click on the below link to take part in the contest. Registration for the contest will start 6 hours before the contest. The Game Of Codes 2.0 Prelims.

See you on leaderboards!


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