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Newbie -> Pupil -> Specialist -> Expert Day 3 of 30

Revision en3, by AJaguar, 2024-03-31 16:21:42

This is where I/We report on the progress/activities of the team in achieving our goal in 30 days


2 new pupils in the team 1 new specialist in the team 1 new expert in the team 30/3


We participated in yesterday's Codeton div 1, 2 round.

A member of our team Ehijoe became a pupil LFGGGG. The first goal is 50% achieved Hurray. Another member python_tamer got +118 rating change. Below are screenshots



We shall be having a mashup contest today by 8:00 pm GMT + 1 or UTC+1, if you would like to take part please comment your interest below so I can send you an invite. Edit:: the invite and registration link are in the comments


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