We need more competition

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Hello guys, so as you might know, my team hosts mashups every night/daily(GMT + 1) for members of the team. We host separate mashups for newbies and pupils/specialist.

We usually have few(<= 4) people competing in the Pupils/specialist mashup leading to little competition and incomplete standings like the picture below. We would like to increase the number of participants in our pupils/specialist mashups


We would like you to join us in our mashups if you are a pupil/specialist.

We usually host them 8:00 pm or 8:30 pm(20:00 or 20:30) GMT + 1 or UTC + 1. If this times aren't too comfortable for you, kindly suggest a time in the comments

Here is the link to the pupils/specialist mashup on Monday(8:30pm/ 20:30) GMT + 1 invite link https://codeforces.com/contestInvitation/27fd189fd2ebc63f5c6b271b7ef10b54710ce8d3 register link https://codeforces.com/contests/518112

Start time:: 8:30pm/20:30. GMT + 1

UPD:: If you clicked the invite link(got invited), registration is now open, kindly click register here https://codeforces.com/contests/518112.

Contest Start Time:: 8:30 pm/ 20:30 GMT+1 or UTC + 1. basically in the next 1hr ish.

If you didn't do that before, here is the invite link https://codeforces.com/contestInvitation/27fd189fd2ebc63f5c6b271b7ef10b54710ce8d3 then after, click the register link above


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