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VNOI Cup 2024 round 1 mirror invitation

Revision en10, by darkkcyan, 2024-05-29 06:54:14

Hello Codeforces!

We're thrilled to announce the third season of the VNOI Cup! 🎉

We invite you to join the mirror round of our programming contest. Remember, if you are a Vietnamese-national, consider joining the official round.

VNOI Cup is a Competitive Programming competition hosted by VNOI (Vietnam Olympiads in Informatics community), a group of Vietnamese programmers like you, working together to make programming competitions more fun and challenging in Vietnam. We're a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the growth of competitive programming in Vietnam. This competition is one of the many ways we aim to achieve this goal!

A big shoutout to our awesome problem setters and testers! Thanks to their hard work, we have an exciting contest ready for you.

The contest will feature 7 problems to be solved in 180 minutes. Points for problems increase with difficulty. Each problem may consist of multiple subtasks, and you only earn points for a subtask if you pass all test cases for that subtask. Penalty points are calculated as the time of the last scoring submission plus 5 minutes for each incorrect submission. Contestants are ranked by total points, with ties broken by ascending penalty points.

The first mirror contest starts on June 2, 2024, at 21:00 GMT+7. The official contest will start 1 hour sooner, at 20:00 GMT+7.

We're excited to see you in the contest! Good luck, and happy coding! 🚀

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