subscriber Hacking during Contests

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I have seen subscriber 's youtube channel, It is very useful and I thank all the coders who upload their screencasts and helping for the community.

Interesting thing is,
He uses some C++ code to generate random test cases to test his solution and to hack some other's solution
I would like to hear some tips on how to generate random test cases in C++ ?

Yeah , rand() function can be used but shows same integer every time after it's execution.
So, It would be interesting, If some of the coders in this community share their tips on how to generate those test cases.

and also I can see that Far Manager Editor is pretty Powerful!, How to use it?
Any similar Editor on Linux Ubuntu ?

I even like to see tourist coding during codeforces/topcoder/codechef rounds.

Hope that he notices this post and uploads screen cast as Petr, Egor, subscriber, many others ... does :)

Thanks everyone!!
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