Another suspicious codes from North Korea (IndiaHacks E)

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These are the codes for problem E by RNS_jgm and RNS_rus from last IndiaHacks contest.

You can easily discover the simillarities between those competitor's code. Actually, It's more hard to find the difference.

  • Struct names are different — one has "xvalue", other has "dat". but operator definition / initializators are all same.
  • Function names are different — one has "doit", other has "foo". but, inside the function, everything is same — even the indentations / spaces are same, too!
  • Several brackets / indentations are different in main function, but others are identical.

Another interesting thing is the submission from RNS_jgm one minute before AC This code is very different from the AC code. Then, how are these changes made in such a short time?

In usual competition, I don't go deeper to other's codes. But, when I discovered that my rating was right before IGM (2599), and reminded how I got red from 2199, I was really tempted to write this post! MikeMirzayanov, can you investigate into those issues?

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