Mirror of Bubble Cup Finals on Codeforces

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Hi Codeforces!

We strike back from last year to held Bubble Cup again — programming competition organized by Microsoft Development Center Serbia for last nine years in a row. And this year's final is on this weekend!

Due to last year's successful experience we decided to organize a mirror of this final on Codeforces again. We would like to thank MikeMirzayanov and Codeforces for this great platform and their help. Competition will start at 11-th of September at 11 AM (Moscow time). Contest will last for 5 hours and will go by ACM ICPC rules. It will be a competition for teams of 1-3 members. There will be 9 problems.

Contest was mainly prepared by employees of MDCS, knightL and Milanin. Additional thanks to bayleef and vitar for their help in testing.

This contest will be unrated (mostly because rules of this contest and not usual for Codeforces and it is still a mirror of onsite competition).

10 best teams will get T-shirts (each member get one), +10 T-shirts will be distributed randomly to competitors from top 100.

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