Invitation to Weekly Training Farm #21

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Hi all.

This week's farm training contest will be held on 3.7 hours later. This week's writer is drazil and tester is me (dreamoon). This week's contest consists of 6 problems of difficulties (Div. 2 500-1000-1750-2500-2250-2500). We invite all who is interested to our contest. This contest will be held in our group gym. You can find the contest in our codeforces group.



Hi all, Weekly Training Farm 21 has ended.

Congradulations to the winner W4yneb0t and the first runners up eddy1021, they are the only two who solved all six problems!!

Thanks to all who participated in the contest. We hope you enjoy the problems.

The editorial will be posted within a couple of days.

We wish to see you in the next week's training farm prepared by zscoder!

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