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EDT1: Guys its a really needed request to please LIKE the videos if it helped you. This is very much important for me as more likes builds more trust for the future viewers.

Hi CF community,

I always wanted to make my own YouTube Channel dedicated for Competitive Programming.
I had already started off with my blog at
Check that if you haven't already. I talk about some tips for CP, and discuss interesting problems that I encounter on daily contests from AtCoder, Codeforces, Hackerrank or Codechef.

At present, I plan to upload my video screencasts of online contests and video tutorials of some interesting programming problems that I encounter during daily online contests.

The pattern each video follows is:
1. Problem Description
2. Explanation/Solution
3. Code Implementation/Discussion

As a beginner, I was a bit slow while talking and I request all of you to watch the videos at 1.25x or 1.5x speed for better experience.

To begin off, I've covered some problems from the Codechef August Long Challenge.

  1. Palindromic Game(Analysis based, medium)
    => Video Link

  2. Chef and Fibonacci Array(Medium DP)
    => Video Link

  3. Strings and Graphs(Interesting analysis, medium-hard)
    => Video Link

Video for Hill Jumping will be coming soon :)

Why should you subscribe to this channel:
1. You couldn't solve problems I make videos about: majorly covers beginners and intermediate level coders.
2. You face difficulty in understanding the text editorial.
3. You enjoy engaging yourself with difficult yet interesting problems.
4. You really wanted some YouTube channel that talks about problems based on data structures and algorithms, and discuss how they can be solved.

I hope this will help many people. Please subscribe and like the videos if you found them helpful.
Comment if you face any difficulties or if you have any recommendations for me.

With my common sense and your feedback, I hope the future videos will be of much greater quality :)

Have a good day!

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