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Over a year ago I created some ladders on A2OJ, you can read the details of these ladders here.

Some people asked me to create more similar ladders, so for each rating range I created another ladder using a similar criteria which I used for the old ladders, with 200 problems in each ladder and none of them exists in any of the old ladders (they are bit harder than the old ladders).

Also I added another feature, now you don't need to go and click on the link in A2OJ to update your solved problems, all what you need to do is to include your Codeforces handle in your account page, join the ladder and start solving, once you solve a problem, A2OJ will detect that within a minute or so.

I have a small request if you are reading this and practiced using the old ladders, please let me know in a comment if these ladders really helped you, also please let me know if you have any suggestions, and thanks a lot in advance.

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