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Happy new year people!

New year has always been special in competitive programming community, especially in Codeforces. We see different kinds of magic every year in Codeforces, and we're so grateful for them; thank you MikeMirzayanov. But, what if we too could show people some magic?

I was talking to one of my friends the other day, about competitive programming resources, and he reminded me that MAXimal is one the greatest resources for studying algorithms and data structures, however, it's not available to everyone since it's in Russian only. Of course, one could use google translate and try to understand it, but we all know even if it works, it's going to take a lot of time. So I had an idea! What if we translate all the articles in e-maxx to English? Of course, this isn't a job for one person, so I coudln't do it alone. And then, it crossed my mind... Crowd-sourcing! Everyone can contribute! Not only Russian speakers, but also others can use google translate for help. We're going to translate e-max together!

So I started today and spent the whole January 1st writing a website that's going to be a competitive programming resource available to everyone, in English (and later on, maybe even in other languages!). I called it AlgoBase.

You can register at AlgoBase and submit the articles you've translated. For now, we're only going to translate the "algo" section of e-maxx. The deadline to submit your translated articles is February 14th. Avoid altering the materials and translate them as they are. After the deadline, the best translated version of each article (chosen by votes) are going to be published (with the name of their translator) on AlgoBase.

To make it more interesting, two published articles (on AlgoBase) are going to be chosen randomly and their translators (more specifically, their usernames) are going to be the heroes of my CodeForces round (my next round after articles are published). And also, two other published articles are going to be chosen randomly and their translators will get AlgoBase T-Shirts. The selection is between articles, so the more articles you translate, the more chance you'll have at winning ;)

Happy translating!

TODO: Soon there will be a list of submitted translations available so that we know what articles have been translated and etc. Also it's possible that we add more prizes if more people participate!

UPD: Apparently there's a project named e-maxx-eng with the goal of translating e-maxx. But there are a lot of algorithms on e-maxx and only some in this project. But still, some pages are already translated. Therefore, the pages that are translated and present in e-maxx-eng are NOT ACCEPTED.

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